Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Bonjiorno principessa!

I am in Fa'aa! (I'll let you decide how you want to say it.) My new companion is Soeur Naylor and she is so great! I love Soeur Taylor, my faamu Soeur Fisher, and Papara but it was time for a change and I know everything happens for a reason. One reason being that I am no longer woken up by roosters.

I want to share a scripture that I shared probably a hundred times this past week and I got something different from it every time. Galates 5:22, "Mais le fruit de l'Esprit, c'est l'amour, la joie, la paix, la patience, la bonté, la bénignité, la fidélité, la douceur, la temperance;" Sorry if thats hard to understand, there is always Google translate to help you out. :) En bref, when the Holy Ghost is in our life, we can feel these things more powerfully.

Ok lets load up on pictures because "pictures say a thousand words" and not a lot of time.

1. An artist at work outside our local grocery store in Papara: Tamanu!

2. Sunset my last week in Papara.

3. The whole mission got new helmets, we "love" them. :) Theyre super safe.

4. Papy Pupure. One of the funniest people I have ever met. He speaks Tahitian and when he corrects us he is super serious and then when we get it, he laughs a big toothless laugh and it gets me every time.

5. Famille Kokovi: LOVE THEM. We have had a soiree familialle/lessons pretty much every week for the past 4 months.

6. My godson is a cutie.

I loved Papara for so many reasons: they saw the first half of my mission in Tahiti so they saw how I progressed and changed. I saw a lot of NEED for the gospel and so we were treated like angels. I know that the church is true with all of my heart, the only trick now is making sure I never ever stop living it. I know that when I close my eyes and say a prayer, I am talking to Heavenly Father. When I ask for forgiveness during the week, I receive forgiveness by taking the Sacrament at church. I know that the leaders of this church are chosen by God and the things that they say are meant to be applied.