Monday, November 25, 2013

Pumpkins and Baptisms

I hope everyone is staying warm (or cool, depending on your geographical location in the world) and drinking lots of water. Im sweating right now and Im sitting in the shade typing on a computer- thats how hot its getting over here.

My companion is hillarious and we love all Tahitian people so we're doing really well. We had 2 baptisms in our ward, one this Saturday, and one the Saturday after!
We run practically every morning so we're making friends with all the People of the Road. All 4 of us ran together today for a bit and it felt like a small army, it was pretty funny.

1. Study time next to the ocean!

2. This Thing crawled up next to me whilst I was studying in the New Testament. 
3. Well we got a child-sized pumpkin last night after our dinner. :)
4. Happy 6th birthday Hitinui. :)

5. Ahhh so cute, my comp Sr T!
6. Baptisms from last Saturday. Mami Wong and Brigitte. :)

So much Tahitian love for you all! Be nice to your parents, they love you.
love, Soeur Carter

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hermit Crabs

Ahlan wisahlan! (Remember how I was studying Arabic before my mission?)
Short and sweet again: took the time to respond more individually to emails today (youre welcome, aita fifi) so lets get straight to the juice.
Thoughts and Things:
1. Got food poisoning two nights ago so spent the whole day yesterday (Pday, fortunately) trying to sleep and ended up watching French church videos. Found some treasures.
2. If anyone wants to gain a solid testimony that our Prophet Thomas S. Monson was called by God, watch "On the Lord's Errand" and you will know. Puissant.
3. I have a cool surprise that Im not sharing until it actually happens because I dont want to jinx anything. Clue: It has to do with me speaking French and Tahitian. :)
4. I realized you can make bite-size cheesecakes by dipping animal crackers (or cookies, your choice) in Laughing Cow cheese. My comp and I are slightly addicted. Good thing we run.
5. We have a baptism this Saturday for this adorable Mami Florida!!! She and her daughter will be baptized on the same day. She kind of looks like the mom of the main guy in Despicable Me. Shes fabulous and mainly speaks Tahitian.
6. One time after a lesson, the family pulled out a bucket of HUGE hermit crabs. HUGE claws. One of them lost its shell and next thing I know, the woman asked me to hold it, wriggling legs and all!!!! Pure terror. Voila les photos. :)
7. We go on safari-like drives sometimes to get to our lessons, this is a unique tree with upside down flowers.
8. I love missionary work.
No time for highlights this week, just hang in there. Everyone, enjoy school and work this week. Even when things are hard, just remember why you started it in the first place and NEVER lose sight of your goals and what matters most. I love you all!
love, Soeur Carter


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Short and sweet today!

We had Zone Conference yesterday on our P-day so we're getting a little email in really fast. 
The birthday celebrations were  mixed in with normal life for several days after my birthday, which was fun, thanks for all of the fun notes/cards/emails!!! I dont feel no different but it was a fun little time marker.

We had another Sortie du Temple where we took a bunch of people to Papeete temple and we had a program with all levels of membership! We had a mini bus and lots of sandwiches so I guess you could say it was a pretty big deal. The leaders of our ward (paroisse) were so great with preparing and helping us organize everything!

Person highlight: Papy Pupure
One of the most adorable Papys here, ad that is saying something. I really wish I had a picture to show you all. He has been baptized in other religions, but got baptized in our church last so I guess we won. :)  He has a best friend who has a baptism date fixed so he came to our lesson and had a ghetto hat that looked cool. He speaks Tahitian and sometimes when we dont catch all of it, he repeats it emphatically and we alll laugh about it together. Whenever he laughs, we laugh too. Every once in a while he salutes me and I click my heels together and salute him back and he always gets a kick out of him. Soeur Taylor and I love to tell Papy Pupure stories to the other Sister Missionaries when we get back to The House. 

Accomplishments: (so you all know Im getting stuff done other than making old Tahitian Papys laugh)
1. Drove in the city of Papeete! (which is crazy, you would have to visit there to appreciate how big of an accomplishment this is)
2. Finished the Book of Mormon in French and am now on Section 25 of the Doctrine et Alliances!
3. Finished the Gospels in the New Testament! (Matt, Marc, Luc, Jean)
4. Wrote my family letters. :) (sending soon!!)
5. Drank coconut water from a coconut.

Love!! Soeur Carter
1. Bday celebrations at The House.
2. Hillarious daughter of our DMP who always wants our name tags. (future missionary for sure)