Friday, September 27, 2013

Rice and Chicken

Ia Orana tatou!

I love love LOVE letters through email and the courrier service, thanks & love to all the senders.

Ok short and sweet this week on account of unforeseen events but suffice it to say that all will be well and I’m looking forward to General Conference.
1. Some awesome members surprised us with flower headbands as a gift at the end of our dinner, the comp said this was the new style.

2. All of the missionaries in our Zone organized a missionary program at the Stake Center with several songs sung by the missionary choir directed by Yours Truly. I also directed the songs for 1000 people who were present at the program (members and investigators). We were all a little loopy when we got back to the house afterwards.
3. Taught a family home evening with a puppy in my lap.

4. Typical flower display at the chapel, loveee the flowers here.
5. After it poured rain this morning, we had some fantastic waterfalls happening.

6. The House. Jumped in the picture after the timer and didnt realize how far away I was from Soeur W! Let it be known that I love that Soeur and the distance was unintentional.

Ok we have a lesson in 26 minutes so I got to eat dinner now (rice and chicken). So much love for you all, miss you like you wouldn’t believe but super-focused on the mish right now.
love, Soeur Carter


Friday, September 20, 2013

Missionary Reunion

In terms of milestones: it's easier to talk in French than English, first week of October: 3rd transfer & 2nd General Conference on the mish, first friend to get married while Im gone (tomorrow, Natalie-girl, love you gorgeous, congratulations you two fine people), finished Luc in the New Testament (French of course) this morning, half-way mark on/around my birthday November 3.
I hope everyone has a fantastic week and dont sweat the small stuff, I'm sweating enough for all of us (Tahiti is hot). 

The photos:
A random church that I love.

Baptism of Elizabeth, I promise you that she was actually happy to be baptized, shes just not a huge fan of attention. I gave my talk in Tahitian in the presence of President Sinjioux, cool experience.
Awesome reunion 2 days ago with President & Sister Sinjioux at the Mission Home- girls only, all the Sister Missionaries in the mission except for the sisters on the outer islands!
Well I forgot to suck it in so now everyone knows that I got chubs. :) Soeur J, Soeur L, moi, et Soeur F. 

Papeete, Tahiti temple!!
House mates: Soeur T (hilarious), Soeur Weller (running buddy), moi, Soeur Hopuu (comp) devant la temple!

love, here, amour, 

Soeur/Tuahine Carter


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Ia Orana! Eaha to outou huru??
Ok mission time is like university time: SO MUCH CAN HAPPEN in the time span of a week. This past week we had 2 baptisms scheduled, one realized and the other delayed due to drama in the family. The baptism realized makes number 9 since I got to this area, so grateful. It was the baptism of Caroline T and the baptism was so beautiful. We have a ward missionary who is a professional singer and she organized all the music. Puissant.
I spoke Tahitian a lot this past week. Yesterday for fast and testimony meeting I was waiting to speak and right before I got up one of the members who has worked with us a lot in lessons said "Fais en tahitien!" so I bore my testimony on Tahitian for the first time ever at the pulpit. I smiled the whole time because there were several older people who had a kind of shocked look on their face. Very neat experience.
Well it behooveth me to impart the misfortune that has befallen my singing voice. We were on bikes a lot this past week and we bike along the main road so we breathe in all of the pollution from the cars and I officially cannot reach certain notes. Alas, there goes my dream of becoming a professional singer (and we all know how much potential I had in that department). Also it is sometimes a problem to effectively teach the Word of Wisdom when it sounds like Ive been a lifetime smoker. Ah well.