Tuesday, January 14, 2014



First of all, when is the Chinese New Year? Our grocery store "Champion" put up a huge dragon on the ceiling so Im guessing that it must be soon.

I am still loving and getting used to Tipaerui but for the most part I just act like Ive been here for a while and that seems to be speeding up the transition process for everybody. People are still astonished when I speak French to them so then I explain that Ive already served in another sector and it's all good.

Missionary News:
We taught 15 lessons with a member and 14 other lessons last week, one of the best weeks ever since I started my mission!
We have a baptism next Saturday for Mataihau, shes great.
The Mission is participating in the 170th Anniversary of the Church in French Polynesia, its a big show with dancing and singing and we have singing practice every P day until May. Might be on TV, not totally sure.

1. Soeur Johnson turned 22!! (teal shirt, big eyes) I spear-headed the wall-decorating committee and we made her a yogurt cake with lemon glaze.

I'm going to attempt to respond to several questions now:
One of my favorite things about this sector is how much time we spend outside among the people. My sector is roughly a slice of mountain so we do a lot of steep uphill and steep downhill walking and there are plenty of opportunities to talk with people along the way. I did get a rush out of driving stick-shift but now running along the boardwalk every morning and hiking all day is such a joy. Sunsets on the water are so incredible.

I intervened in a dog fight the other day. I wasnt super useful but I had a surge of pity for this one particularly sick dog so I had the brilliant idea to clap my hands really loudly next to the mean dog's ear and I think it deranged him for a moment. Then the man came out and was a little more effective because of all of the yelling so the dogs are doing better now.

I finished reading the New Testament and started reading the Old Testament. Super interesting. Also very useful because most people here already believe in the Bible so we use it to explain principles and then support and expound on it with the Book of Mormon.

2. If youre afraid of spiders, dont look too closely at this photo. One time it was raining a lot so we did our studies in an outside basement of someone we know and at the end of our studies we noticed him just chilling on the scooter. We moved.


3. My companion Soeur Naylor made a Lord of the Rings reference before we started our ascent.


My one-year mark is on February 6th! Everybody read your scriptures and say your prayers, I cannot emphasize that enough.
lots of hugs and love,
Soeur Carter