Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!

Ia Orana and Happy Birthday to the World's Greatest Mom!!!
I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays in a non-harmful and chocolate-filled way.
Tipaerui is fun to say and fun to live in. Its basically a suburb of Papeete as far as I can tell, we live in the house with Papeete sisters and our running route goes along the boardwalk where the big cruise ships come in. We are mostly walking, sometimes biking, because our section is a slice of mountain and it would be death to try and bike it.
Story time:
Mataihau is one girl we teach who has dyed blonde cropped hair, big brown eyes, and a chain necklace. She was heavily active in the Seventh-day Adventist church but started taking the lessons a few weeks ago. She has searched for the truth and said if she felt something with this Church, that would be her answer. She has been praying, reading her scriptures, and she felt peace. We invited her to be baptized the 18 January and she accepted!! First baptism I will see here in Tipaerui and shes awesome!
Other news: I have exactly one final chapter to read in the French New Testmant before Im done!
Its been pretty funny but a lot of people assume that Im a brand new missionary because Im new to the sector, they ask my companion if I speak French. One time my DMP was talking to me and I understood 100 percent but I guess he thought I didnt, so he just stopped talking in the middle of a question. It was pretty funny, I didnt even know what to do. I bore my testimony at church and since then things have improved. :)
1. A lovely New Zealand couple invited us for dinner and we loved the heavy multi-grain bread so much that they quickly made us another loaf that was steaming hot and so delicious.

2. Soeur Naylor and all of the food we received within the span of 24 hours, we are BLESSED.

3. New Year's Eve, the dinner group.