Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas

Oaoa i te Noela! Joyeux Noel! MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Literally 3 minutes, my Mavis Beacon typing course learning is being put to use every P-day.
Normally, we will find out tonight about our transfers. That is BIG for me because I have been in the same crazy/beautiful Papara sector since I started my mission and President said he is definitely going to transfer me. People keep guessing islands for me but I have NO idea. I would really love to go somewhere I can really speak a lot of Tahitian...

I just saw Sr Taylor in the hospital, prayers work!! She is still hooked up but when I held her hand, she held mine back. I kissed her hand and she squeezed my hand. Her eyes are opened a little and her parents are full of faith and hope. They're so amazing, I cant even explain how impressed I am by their example of calm and patience. And theyre so cute! 

I am training Sr Taylor and Sr Fisher right now so we're working Papara and Mahaiatea right up until the transfers. I dont have the plug in thing for pictures so DESOLEE but you all can just look at last week's pictures and add a week's worth of age and thats what I look like right now.

Holy toledo it is TIME so Merry Christmas and be careful of drunk drivers on the road, seriously. And if you normally drink and drive, don't. Thats not just me speaking, its the law. 
Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me so many emails and letters, you all are WONDERFUL and so good-looking. :) I am trying my hardest to send off replies, as usual not succeeding in a timely manner. Eh eh. 

lots of love and big hugs, Soeur Carter