Friday, January 31, 2014

From a Member in Tahiti

Hi to the parents of Sis. Naylor and Sis. Carter,

I just wanted to send these pictures to you to show you that your daughters helped me a lot today. Hope you like the pictures of us.

It was my birthday today and I asked them to come and help me make plates of food to distribute out to all the people who are in need. Since I'm 61, I made 61 plates (actually there were around 80). So Sis Naylor and Sis Cartier helped put them into plates and wrap them. Then they took some of the plates and gave them out to their investigators that are in need. I so enjoyed being with them and having fun just chatting away while we worked. I just love both of them!

So I thought it would be fun to send you their pictures and see that your daughters are totally AWESOME missionaries. Our ward just loves them and they are just doing a fantastic job! Just know that they are so appreciated by everyone and they are always so happy and so busy doing the Lord's work. I'm sure you are all being blessed through their hard work!!!

God bless your families!!!
Lindy Carlson