Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas

Oaoa i te Noela! Joyeux Noel! MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Literally 3 minutes, my Mavis Beacon typing course learning is being put to use every P-day.
Normally, we will find out tonight about our transfers. That is BIG for me because I have been in the same crazy/beautiful Papara sector since I started my mission and President said he is definitely going to transfer me. People keep guessing islands for me but I have NO idea. I would really love to go somewhere I can really speak a lot of Tahitian...

I just saw Sr Taylor in the hospital, prayers work!! She is still hooked up but when I held her hand, she held mine back. I kissed her hand and she squeezed my hand. Her eyes are opened a little and her parents are full of faith and hope. They're so amazing, I cant even explain how impressed I am by their example of calm and patience. And theyre so cute! 

I am training Sr Taylor and Sr Fisher right now so we're working Papara and Mahaiatea right up until the transfers. I dont have the plug in thing for pictures so DESOLEE but you all can just look at last week's pictures and add a week's worth of age and thats what I look like right now.

Holy toledo it is TIME so Merry Christmas and be careful of drunk drivers on the road, seriously. And if you normally drink and drive, don't. Thats not just me speaking, its the law. 
Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me so many emails and letters, you all are WONDERFUL and so good-looking. :) I am trying my hardest to send off replies, as usual not succeeding in a timely manner. Eh eh. 

lots of love and big hugs, Soeur Carter 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Farewells and Challenges

Hello people!

This past week has been intense. We have seen miracles and lives changed for the better and for the worse. I have been to 3 funerals in the past 2 weeks. I have fasted and prayed with people who really have changed their life with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This life is to test us and it all matters on how we react and progress. 
One of my missionaries was hit by a drunk driver while riding her bike at 6 on a Friday, she's currently in the hospital and she needs all of our prayers. I had the blessing of visiting her yesterday and talked briefly with her incredible parents. Faaitoito, stay strong. Please keep her in her prayers, she is still in a coma and she needs all of our love and support. Please stop and offer a prayer for her right now.
1. The last morning with Soeur Weller before she finished her mission. :( We're wearing our mission t-shirts and our pario wrap skirts!

2. I did an island tour yesterday, "tour d'isle", and took pictures like this one. Tahiti is gorgeous!
3. Vaheana and us at the Ward Christmas Party, after literally running around with her two kids.
4. Soeur Weller and I at the Mission Christmas Party! Miss her. 
5. Cute little future missionary right there, Hereani!

I love you and we're going to do our Weekly Planning now. Please give everyone in your family a hug this Christmas. "They do not love who do not show their love." Shakespeare

love, Soeur Carter

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Baking and Investigators


I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season and baking a lot of things. We have been cooking up Mautini (the long pumpkin) and realized comp Soeur Taylor has the Gift of Making Pumpkin Bread. We even found a little Christmas tree in one of the cupboards so we set that up and strung a whole thing of lights around it. There is a button on the light string so you can make it flash in different sequences.

So this past week has been crazy. We had massive highs and massive lows with our investigators and their progression. I really feel like there is a huge power force in Tahiti right now, the Second Coming could really happen any day now and it would not surprise me in the least. Everybody read your scriptures and say your prayers, I mean it.

1. Gorgeous red-flower-tree outside a lesson.

2. Puppy sitting on my lap right now while I do my email. There are puppies EVERYWHERE right now.

3. Adorable picture of Soeur T and Soeur F after their split when they had to bike in the rain all day! (Soeur W and I had our Leader's Meeting in Papeete)

We had Nuihau's baptism this past Saturday and it was POWERFUL. (Nuihau: training to be a police officer in France, goes to university, his friend/member integrator is a return missionary) He has such a solid testimony and he is so motivated to do so much more with his life now. His testimony had us all crying and laughing because it was such a dramtic change in his life but he also said that he had rejected missionaries several times before but then the SISTER missionaries came and changed everything, flattered. I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and Soeur T gave the talk on baptism. We picked up 2 other sister missionaries and sang a musical number (dont know how I keep getting involved with the singing stuff) "Oh, j'ai besoin de toi" which is "I Need Thee Every Hour." I am so proud of him!!

4. Right before Nuihau's baptism! Don't ask me why my bun is way off to the side of my head, I don't know.


5. My godson, Kaleb!!!

6. Moi et Moorea, the island just next-door.

I only had zeka for a tiny moment, prayers and the priesthood work. I was semi-functioning for a total of 3 days and then I was right back in business. This Church is more true than you know, read the Book of Mormon and live the Gospel to know for yourself. Take care of yourselves during the holiday season and remember to recycle.

love, Soeur Carter

P.S. There is a huge surprise that I am right in the middle of doing but Im not sure how much I can explain in this moment so stay tuned until next P-day. :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Zika disease and Thanksgiving


Como estas? This week went by very quickly, did anyone else feel like that? So in terms of news, I have "zeka" (rhymes with 'eurkea') which is a tropical disease that i got from a mosquito! Normally it takes people out of business but I've just been sleeping a lot and so far, not bad (definitely a miracle). We had Charles, Willy's baptism on Saturday and we were all so smiley, it was so great. That kid smiles all the times, he should do Colgate commericals.

1. Zone Activity: Soeur Weller and Moorea :)

2. "Brave" poster, in French.

3. The whole clan of missionaries for the Zone Activity!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with The House, so much fun. We had breaded chicken, pasta with white cheese sauce, oreo pudding pie, and strawberry-lime juice! I hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey day, its one of the better holidays, for sure.

4. Thanksgiving!

5. Such a useful postcard, I look at it when people talk to know where the heck everything is.

6. DELICIOUS omelette I made for myself, I've gotten really nifty with cooking breakfasts on my mission.

7. Interesting plant, no idea what it is. Let me know if you find out.

8. The baptism of Charles Willy!! (a few hours before I got taken down with zeka)

9. "Bird of paradise" flower from our hike this morning!

I got to go buy food coloring for the Mahaiatea soeurs, so I'll end it there. :) I love you all, I'm loving my mission.
love and grand bisou, Soeur Carter