Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It is Hot!

It's hot.

Humidity makes people look younger because it fills out wrinkles, your skin is always moisturized, and your hair is shiny and strong... but it's hot. If there isnt air conditioning, youre sweating. 

My name tag says "Soeur Carter" or "Tuahine Carter" but there are a few other names I have picked up here. "Bay" which is what people add on every other sentence, usually to explain themselves. (ex: Bay, regarde un peu... "Babe, look...") "Taty" which is like "Auntie" and is used by kids everywhere for any familiar older girl or woman. (ex: Taty, je veux les bons bons s'il te plait. "Auntie, I want the candy please.) "Carter" by my companions in moments of urgence. (ex: Carter, there's a car!) :)

1. The perfect hibiscus.
2. The word for kitten is "chatton" and that is our new mission-assigned helmet. It looks like a bowling ball. 
3. Moorea, the gorgeous view from one of our dinner appointments. 
4. Soeur Naylor and I with a senior missionary couple. He is a psychologist so I'm pretty sure that by the end of dinner he knew my soul.
5. Morning bird.
6. Last night, another spectacular view at another dinner appointment. The photo was taken by a member who told us he invent the ukulele with the hole at the back of the instrument. 

I love you all and I am hopelessly behind on letters so just know that I love you all and I read the letters over and over and just feel so loved. Ok. Have a fantastic day and read the Bible, it is really interesting. 
love, Soeur Carter