Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Taravao 1

Go on a mission. Normally I say that at the end, but I wanted to make sure that everyone read that part at least today.
Missions are a challenge and if it isn't a challenge, you're not working hard enough. Missions should push you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically (in some cases). As an SA, I worked in two different sectors this past week: Mahina and Taravao 1 and I've realized that the only thing better than working with a fantastic missionary is working with multiple fantastic missionaries within a shorter space of time.
Short and sweet today because I just spent a short eternity planning for fall semester classes at BYU Provo. I felt inadequate and mentally unprepared for a moment as I did battle with MyMap website, considered dropping out of BYU, and finally decided I would continue my education after realizing that I can take a French and Italian Film class as an elective course. Crisis adverted.
"Il y a un temps pour tout, un temps pour toute chose sous les cieux." Ecclesiaste 3:1 3
French and English aren't too different, but feel free to translate that. In bref, now is the time for serving a mission but after August 5th, it will be a time for cookies and family, and at the end of August will be a time for learning. I love my mission and I am unspeakably excited to see my family in real life.
Person Highlight: Soeur Wahl
She is adorable in absolutely everything. She has black, tiny curly hair, adorable glasses, and the smile of a cat. She is an organized, loving, spectacular missionary and I have been doing working with her in the sector of Taravao 1 for 3 days now. I started talking to myself when I was trying to figure out the controlled chaos that is BYU website and she swivelled her chair around and simply said, "Sometimes it helps to talk it out." :)
No pictures today because my camera wasn't packed in my GO-bag (never know when we have to go into the other sectors, I also forgot shampoo), so pictures next week. Maybe. Things are a little dicey right now.
Always bike with a helmet!
xoxo Soeur Carter

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hello Dearest people,

I'm officially performing SA duties and I was transferred this morning to Mahina! I drove again today and it is so weird not being on bikes...

It was super hard to leave Soeur Sommers this afternoon but it's been really great getting to know other Soeurs in the mission! My companion Soeur Li is working in another sector right now but we live in the same house. That's all I have to say about that.

I have really loved my mission up until this point. I highly encourage all of you who are able, to GO. Nike a mission: just do it. You cannot err by going on a mission, that much I know for sure.

Ok not much time so the weather report, it's hot. I know you all were dying to know. :)

I have very little time (paying by the minute here) so I love you all and have a stellar week!!
love, Soeur Carter

1. My (now former, sniff) companion Soeur SOMmers (emphasis on the first syllable, how she always introduced herself), a picture of us two to remember the good times sharing the gospel together in the pouring rain.

2. A hint of The Surprise. I was filmed by the Church for a few days of my mission. That's all I can say for now! :)

3. The Marché (Market) where they sell local dresses, it's a festival of colors. I currently have 3 local dresses that I got for free.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Still going Strong

Ia Orana! (kiss on each cheek and a flower necklace around your neck)

Sooo I hope everyone's week was fantastic. That is actually my number one priority so thank you x17557 for the emails, letters, and love. I love knowing how everyone's life is progressing and thank you also for sharing with me your struggles and worries as well. I can pray for you and that makes me feel connected with all of your lives.

Mission News: I was recently called as the new SA of the Tahiti, Papeete Mission. There is one other SA and her name is Soeur Li. I was an STL before and loved it because I was able to talk through with their challenges of the Soeurs in the Paea, and then later here in Fa'aa Zone, but now I have the blessing of being responsible for all 50+ Soeurs in the Mission. Prayers, prayers, prayers.
Missionary Highlight: My Hillarious Companion Soeur Sommers

I started laughing just thinking about what I could say and she asked my why I was laughing ("Pourquoi tu regoles?") and when I told her I was going to write about her, she immediately added "I love you Sommers?" and that's basically our relationship. The fact that "so much" and her last name are similar means that every night for the first week that's how she said goodnight to everyone. I don't know why that is so funny but it really is. She is paranoid that I'm going to forget that her birthday is the 15 of November so she manages to use that number in pretty much every conversation we have. She says "Merry Christmas" every time people ask her if she speaks English, and that's all she says. She has a powerful testimony and whenever she starts crying in lessons, she interrupts herself with a loud "NICE" and then keeps going with her deep spiritual thought.
1. Teeny MTC reunion of the Greatest MTC Group There Ever Was. Elder Taylor is one of the APs, he is called a "voyageur" because he travels around in the different sectors.


2. Old photo from when Soeur Derrick had to leave us and we wrote a bunch of nices notes (that you can't read because of flash, but insert nice things on the pieces of paper).


3. The gorgeous Sisters who stole my camera yesterday, looking forward to their reaction when I tell them that I sent it to my public blog. :)


4. Last night we started a series of Musical Concerts as part of a missionary program and because it was in the Zone of Paea, I got to see a TON of people from my old sector in Papara. Kids wanted PHOTOS and got really excited when I told them I would put a couple of them on my blog. Heipoe!

5. Cutie Cammi who is reading the Book of Mormon we gave her and she wants to be baptized!

6. Just look at how cute these kids are! We walked around with our arms around each other the whole night. Such a great catch up with so many people.

Ok, we've got to quickly go bike to the grocery store and rush back before our soirée familialle so everybody I love you and I will try and reply more next week!!
love, Soeur Carter

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Update from the Hill

And I said "Hey!" ("Hey!"), what a wonderful kind of day... (name that show and you win a hug when I get off my mission)

Unless my vision is failing me, it's starting to rain a little bit. We are going to eat pizza tonight with Mami Parker and her friends (family home evening!). They really want to know more about the Plan of Salvation ("Plan du Salut") and Soeur Sommers has a really organized box of pictures so we're pretty excited.

Today is my 22 and 1/3 birthday and 5 months before I go home. I feel really good about this mission business. I highly encourage all of you to serve if you have the desire and are worthy. You have to live it to understand.

1. One of our "favorite" hills! One could say that we receive the health benefits of about a week's worth of P90X every time we do this little hike.

2. Our zone right before the transfers!

3. Best Bishop in Tahiti (quote from our Stake President) carrying fafaru. "Maa Tahiti" is a Tahitian feast. All three of us ate fafaru and it was an experience.