Monday, June 3, 2013

I hope everyone is doing well and is happy! I have now finished about 6 weeks into my time in the mission field which means 2 things: I have about 60 weeks left and I have finished my first full planner and after I transfer all of the important information to my new planner I will send it home and you can all marvel at how organized I have been over here. :) Per usual, not very much time. Alors, je vais ecrire les choses que j'ai appris cette semaine dernier. (About 90% of my day is in another language so I hope this letter makes sense.)

Ten Things I Learned This Week: 

1. My camera has a mode that makes everything look like a toy. 

2. You can see the island of Moorea from Tahiti.

3. It is possible to take a group picture with 17 cameras on self-timer and have most of the group in the picture. (My zone!)

4. There is a pink/orange flower here that is unique only to French Polynesia.

5. When Zeus gives me a hug (standing on back two legs) after I work out, it leaves dirt stains that are pretty tricky to wash.

6. There are a billion different colors of blue in the ocean, some of which I am pretty sure I have never seen before.

7. Missionaries can have fun on Saturday night also, we ate junk food and I dyed my companion's hair.

8. Zeus aka BFF is camera-shy. 

9. There is a huge waterfall on the mountain that only exists right after a thunderstorm.

10. The neighborhood in which I live is right next to a Jehovah Witness church and every single one of my neighbors belongs to this church. (No picture for that because missionaries arent allowed to take pictures of other churches.)

Other news: I have finished reading 1 Nephi in French, chapter 18 in the Tahitian Book of Mormon, and chapter 18 in Jesus the Christ. There is a rumor floating around that I might be one of the missionaries who is going to be a trainer in September, right after my current companion goes home! I found out that people in Tahiti do eat dog. I am getting tanner, praises. 

I love everyone who writes me and I am doing my best to reply within a timely manner. Ua here vau ia outou!
love, Soeur Carter
Thank you so much for the updates, always and forever keep them coming!! I definitely want to do all of that stuff when I get home. Thats pretty funny about the dinner with the missionaries, I guess its just a Dad thing. :) That's awesome that you got to see Tash and Richard, love them so much. By the way, I am sending another letter for the family through the mail today or tomorrow so be on the lookout! 

Top Ten Accomplishments this Week:

1. Ran a mile in 6 minutes and 15 seconds!! 

2. Did NOT get food poisoning.

3. A Tahitian "Mami" asked me to give a talk at her baptism in TAHITIAN. (Prayers on my behalf are welcome.)

4. Taught an English for two girls and after I taught we played a game to test them. They were super competitive and it was hysterical, I was crying.

5. Trained our dog Zeus to run around the clothes line when I do laundry at night so that he can scare away all of the cockroaches.

6. On that note, I killed a cockroach with a knife. 

7. I finished two chapters of "Jesus the Christ" and am now on chapter 14.

8. English is starting to sound weird and I think in French a lot of the time now.

9. I can pronounce all of the names of our investigators now. :)

10. We taught 29 lessons last week!

So much love for everyone who has written me, I have read most of them but time is always short so thank you again for your patience while I try and reply as quickly as possible!!!!!! Advice for the week: drink a lot of water.
love, Soeur Carter