Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Loving the Mission

Helloooo Whoville!
Ok so I am LOVING my mission right now. I cant even tell you how tough it is sometimes but Soeur Taylor and I are very loved here so that makes a huge difference. It is also very wonderful that Tahitian people show their love by giving food, so many bananas.
Morning run with Soeur Weller this morning was 4km and we visited the black sand beach on the return route. "The cure for anything is saltwater: sweat, tears, or the sea." SO TRUE. Sometimes sister missionaries just need a few minutes of watching waves to really refocus on all of the important things about life. (cheesy but true)
We have 6 baptism dates fixed before the end of the year, working like crazy to get them prepared and full of gospel knowledge. It is absolutely incredible how much people's demeanor can change when they finally have a purpose to their life.

Ami de l'Eglise ("Investigator", lit translation "friend of the church") highlight: Nuihau
Nuihau is a 24-year-old university student who is undergoing training to become a police officer. He came to church one day with his friend, a freshly-returned missionary. After church we were walking through the parking lot and the RM mouthed "AMI" and subtly pointed to his friend so we did a secret agent head nod & maneuver to approach them from the other side and introduced ourselves as missionaries. Last week we committed him to be baptized for the 6th of December and he accepted! He asks very thoughtful questions, wants to be married in the temple, and comes to church every Sunday. He's so committed to this Church and I know miracles happen when the Holy Ghost touches people's hearts.
If You Want to Serve a Mission:
Re-watch/re-read the General Conference talks and read the Book of Mormon. There is no secret to missionary preparation: develop good habits of living the gospel so when youre faced with challenges, you know exactly what you need to do to succeed. I love this work because it is Heavenly Father's work and there is nothing better to do with your time than serve a mission, if possible. I love everyone who has the desire to serve a mission and I encourage you to make it a priority in your life.
1. A full rainbow, could see everything but the pot of gold.

2. A fireside where we answered questions and took a virtual driving test. Passed!

3. Soeur Taylor and I picked up a coconut on our morning run and tried to open it during breakfast time. We blame it on the fact that we dont have a proper machete.

4. Waterfalls after a heavy rainstorm, view from the road.

5. Might surprise you, (surprised me) but this is a real pineapple plant.

6. We did a little "OLB" (knocking on doors) and this was the road we walked!

Ok time's up, if you didn't hear from me I am either writing you a hand-written letter today or I am mentally composing an email for you next week! Have a happy Halloween, be sure to eat candy corn for me.
love, Soeur Carter