Monday, October 21, 2013

Temple Trip

Ok people, I hope you're all doing swell and getting your jack-o-lanterns prepped (you cant leave that type of thing until the last minute).

I am whole-heartedly loving my mission right now! My companion Soeur Taylor is adorable, smart, and hilarious.

Story time: Our first night we had the experience of backing out of a driveway into a really narrow road right after a family home evening (soiree familialle). One of the sons (with a marriage and baptism date) was helping us out by doing the "back up" and I was driving. I was going ever so slowly and carefully but as I got closer to the wall I had to rely completely on his directions. He overestimated my driving skills and at the last second put his hands up to stop but I ended up pinning him up against the wall!! I quickly advanced the car to release him, made sure he was ok, and that was when I heard the parents laughing. I completely lost it and we were all laughing until we got home to the house that I almost killed one of our favorite investigators.

(No investigators with baptismal dates were harmed in the making of this story.)

1. Last morning with the companion Sœur H and housemate Sœur T.
2. About 40 people attended our missionary activity at the temple!! Not going to lie, one of the most intense things Ive ever organized but it was completely worth it: investigators, inactive members, members, and recent converts were in attendance. :)

Ok, ua here au ia outou!! Tuahine Carter