Sunday, October 13, 2013


Greetings to you fine people,
Ok normally P-Day is Monday but I'm writing today because on Monday and Tuesday we had TRANSFERS!!!! I am training again and I have also been called to be a Sister Training Leader in the Zone of Paea. :) 
Transfers was a crazier experience than last time because we had an unprecedented number of arriving missionaries: 26. Turns out that I was with a stellar MTC district because practically all of us were training so we all got to have a little kum ba yah before the young'uns arrived. It is SUCH a cool experience to see the transformation of missionaries. 
So I hope everyone had the absolute joy of watching General Conference this past weekend. If you haven't done so, do. If you can read this blog this means that you have a computer and internet and you can go to to watch all of the sessions of General Conference. I can promise you that it will be worth your time to hear these inspired talks. 
Person highlight: Soeur Weller
Soeur Weller is one of the people I most respect in this mission for her patience, positivity, and adaptation to the Tahitian culture. I live with this awesome person and she is unceasingly up-beat. We run together, discuss gospel doctrine together, and understand each other's jokes. She helped me through a really rough time and she is there for every single person who needs her. She is a powerful missionary because she truly loves everybody and she has a solid testimony that the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church. She has taught me so much by her example, she is one of my biggest role models and my goal is to also leave a legacy of love with every person that I know.
Ok I love mission life, truly love this Gospel, and love so many Tahitians I cannot even count them. In less than a month is the half-way mark and time hasn't flown by simply because every day is so jam-packed with experiences. Family, I love you all more than ever (absence makes the heart grow fonder?) and good luck with the move. Short letter today because of time constraints. Got to go preach the gospel. 

I have such an awesome new companion, her name is Soeur Taylor and she's from Texas!! She's fun, smart, we get along really well, and her French and Tahitian is fabulous already. We talk in French but oh my heck it is fun to throw in English phrases every once in a while. 
That's all, folks!
to'u here atoa, Tuahine Carter