Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baptisms, teaching English, and Green Beans


Ok so right now I can look to my left and see the multiple-shades-of-green-covered mountains/a huge waterfall and on my right is the gray-blue, fast-moving ocean and the surf off in the distance. One could say that Tahiti is easy on the eyes.

Local news: the other week a mama whale and her baby swam into the lagoon and hung out for a little bit before heading back out to deeper water.

President Sinjioux set a mission goal on August 15 to accomplish 20 baptisms before the end of the year, a true test of our faith and work. Numbers matter when they represent people. Since then, we have accomplished 3 baptisms, have 6 baptisms planned, and 17 people with potential that we're going to engage for the baptism in the coming 2 weeks. Prayers are bienvenue (welcome).

I'm teaching a few English classes here, the next one is tomorrow morning at 745. I understand and speak French, but not as eloquently as I would like. I love, love, love teaching in Tahitian, comprehension is still pretty low but that's when you can feel the gift of comprehension helping you big time. 

1. Ocean-side restaurant, one of the closest moments I've ever been able to get to the water!

2. Sketch that my former comp Sr Hopuu drew for me, girl's got talent!

3. Tahitian green beans are approximately 4x bigger than American green beans. They're also free if you are friends with the gardeners. They thought it was hilarious when I ate one raw. (Try it!)


Family, each one of you is so special to me and I am so outrageously blessed by your love and support. Friends, I love your life stories and observations, I am replying as fast as humanly possible. Bloggers, check out for a little bit of an explanation about my church, the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Pretty please.

I love you all, genuinely. Everyone take good care of yourself and pursue worthy interests.
Soeur Carter