Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Taravao 1

Go on a mission. Normally I say that at the end, but I wanted to make sure that everyone read that part at least today.
Missions are a challenge and if it isn't a challenge, you're not working hard enough. Missions should push you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically (in some cases). As an SA, I worked in two different sectors this past week: Mahina and Taravao 1 and I've realized that the only thing better than working with a fantastic missionary is working with multiple fantastic missionaries within a shorter space of time.
Short and sweet today because I just spent a short eternity planning for fall semester classes at BYU Provo. I felt inadequate and mentally unprepared for a moment as I did battle with MyMap website, considered dropping out of BYU, and finally decided I would continue my education after realizing that I can take a French and Italian Film class as an elective course. Crisis adverted.
"Il y a un temps pour tout, un temps pour toute chose sous les cieux." Ecclesiaste 3:1 3
French and English aren't too different, but feel free to translate that. In bref, now is the time for serving a mission but after August 5th, it will be a time for cookies and family, and at the end of August will be a time for learning. I love my mission and I am unspeakably excited to see my family in real life.
Person Highlight: Soeur Wahl
She is adorable in absolutely everything. She has black, tiny curly hair, adorable glasses, and the smile of a cat. She is an organized, loving, spectacular missionary and I have been doing working with her in the sector of Taravao 1 for 3 days now. I started talking to myself when I was trying to figure out the controlled chaos that is BYU website and she swivelled her chair around and simply said, "Sometimes it helps to talk it out." :)
No pictures today because my camera wasn't packed in my GO-bag (never know when we have to go into the other sectors, I also forgot shampoo), so pictures next week. Maybe. Things are a little dicey right now.
Always bike with a helmet!
xoxo Soeur Carter