Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Still going Strong

Ia Orana! (kiss on each cheek and a flower necklace around your neck)

Sooo I hope everyone's week was fantastic. That is actually my number one priority so thank you x17557 for the emails, letters, and love. I love knowing how everyone's life is progressing and thank you also for sharing with me your struggles and worries as well. I can pray for you and that makes me feel connected with all of your lives.

Mission News: I was recently called as the new SA of the Tahiti, Papeete Mission. There is one other SA and her name is Soeur Li. I was an STL before and loved it because I was able to talk through with their challenges of the Soeurs in the Paea, and then later here in Fa'aa Zone, but now I have the blessing of being responsible for all 50+ Soeurs in the Mission. Prayers, prayers, prayers.
Missionary Highlight: My Hillarious Companion Soeur Sommers

I started laughing just thinking about what I could say and she asked my why I was laughing ("Pourquoi tu regoles?") and when I told her I was going to write about her, she immediately added "I love you Sommers?" and that's basically our relationship. The fact that "so much" and her last name are similar means that every night for the first week that's how she said goodnight to everyone. I don't know why that is so funny but it really is. She is paranoid that I'm going to forget that her birthday is the 15 of November so she manages to use that number in pretty much every conversation we have. She says "Merry Christmas" every time people ask her if she speaks English, and that's all she says. She has a powerful testimony and whenever she starts crying in lessons, she interrupts herself with a loud "NICE" and then keeps going with her deep spiritual thought.
1. Teeny MTC reunion of the Greatest MTC Group There Ever Was. Elder Taylor is one of the APs, he is called a "voyageur" because he travels around in the different sectors.


2. Old photo from when Soeur Derrick had to leave us and we wrote a bunch of nices notes (that you can't read because of flash, but insert nice things on the pieces of paper).


3. The gorgeous Sisters who stole my camera yesterday, looking forward to their reaction when I tell them that I sent it to my public blog. :)


4. Last night we started a series of Musical Concerts as part of a missionary program and because it was in the Zone of Paea, I got to see a TON of people from my old sector in Papara. Kids wanted PHOTOS and got really excited when I told them I would put a couple of them on my blog. Heipoe!

5. Cutie Cammi who is reading the Book of Mormon we gave her and she wants to be baptized!

6. Just look at how cute these kids are! We walked around with our arms around each other the whole night. Such a great catch up with so many people.

Ok, we've got to quickly go bike to the grocery store and rush back before our soirée familialle so everybody I love you and I will try and reply more next week!!
love, Soeur Carter