Thursday, March 6, 2014

Update from the Hill

And I said "Hey!" ("Hey!"), what a wonderful kind of day... (name that show and you win a hug when I get off my mission)

Unless my vision is failing me, it's starting to rain a little bit. We are going to eat pizza tonight with Mami Parker and her friends (family home evening!). They really want to know more about the Plan of Salvation ("Plan du Salut") and Soeur Sommers has a really organized box of pictures so we're pretty excited.

Today is my 22 and 1/3 birthday and 5 months before I go home. I feel really good about this mission business. I highly encourage all of you to serve if you have the desire and are worthy. You have to live it to understand.

1. One of our "favorite" hills! One could say that we receive the health benefits of about a week's worth of P90X every time we do this little hike.

2. Our zone right before the transfers!

3. Best Bishop in Tahiti (quote from our Stake President) carrying fafaru. "Maa Tahiti" is a Tahitian feast. All three of us ate fafaru and it was an experience.