Monday, June 30, 2014

Shopping - American Style! Travel Plans Arrived!

Hello loves,
I was travelling last Monday and didnt get a chance to do emails, desolée!! Wayyyy behind on emails, patience young grasshoppers and thank you for your love.
You all are wonderful.
I just came back from P-day shopping: Tamanu grocery store, Araca organic store, and Food Mart american store where I bought Raisin Bran.
1. The Papeete port.
2. Exotic Views brought to you by the sector of Nuuroa. How did I get lucky enough to serve here?
3. Our chauffeurs, Elder ma.
4. A chicken got stuck in our house right before District Meeting, another day in Tahiti.

5. TIRAMISU, our fatamaaraa yesterday (life is short, eat dessert first).
6. Earlier today with our Amurrican products!
7. Just doing some shopping at a health store, I is happy.
8. Sr Urling, she's so pleased with her purchases. :)
9. Sr A, super thrilled to be at a bio store. :)
SO I am at Punaauia right now, they just put the Soeurs in this sector (it has been Elders for a while) so everything is new. They're creating a new ward soon with pieces from 3 existing wards so we're working with 3 of everything (Ward Mission Leaders, Bishops, everything). I'm going to Maraa soon to work with a new STL, Sr Tamahahe!
Mission News: President Sinjoux finishes his mission today. Our new President is President Bise! We had a missionary concert last night for 1000 people (investigators, members, etc.) and we all sang a special song to say goodbye to President Sinjoux. Tough stuff. I had the opportunity to say the closing prayer in Tahitian, intense. The new President and his wife are WONDERFUL, so excited for the Mission Conference on Wednesday. He was a former CEO, he is French but has lived in the US for the past 26 years, and was taught Tahitian by a former missionary. They're so great.
Companion news: Sr Pehrson finishes today! Shes so great.
love, Soeur Carter
I got my travel plans!! It's a reality now. My flight from Tahiti leaves Tuesday, Aug 05 at 11:10 PM and I get into Kentucky Wednesday Aug 06 at 10 PM. That gives me all of Tuesday to keep teaching and I think we're maybe definitely doing a temple session on that Monday before. How do I feel? Really really peaceful.