Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Back in Taravao

Beautiful people, life is good.

I am back in Taravao with Soeur Wahl because her companion was having some troubles. I love this sector, its fun seeing people again. It's raining quite a bit here at the south end of the island, theres a tabby cat that keeps wanting to come inside but we have repeatedly told him "no" in several languages. I put my foot out and he rubbed his head against it.

1. Zone de Mahina!! Played soccer for a long time, hence the sunburn. We have shirts coming out that will say something like "Life is good in Mahina" or "Life is short, share the gospel."

2. Some of my posterity, two of my daughters next to me and my granddaughter at the far right. We have fun family reunions and a lot of family pride.
3. I think we're all tired of normal smiling photos so here is a Leader's Meeting after about the 12th camera
4. This is one of 3 clean puppies I have seen in my entire mission so I hugged the heck out of it. The girl we were teaching right before this photo is so intelligent, I love teaching her. Here name is Anahei and she asks the smartest questions. Right after this photo, her mom gave us coco bread, YUM.
5. Your weekly postcard shot, Sky Fire. 
6. With all of the rain, Richard camped out on our front porch. We all love him so much, sometimes
Sr Wahl and I have conversations about what food we have in the fridge that we can give him.
7. The other Sisters set up this table as a surprise for us when we got home because we didnt have a fatamaaraa (dinner appointment)!! Ramen noodle soup with Nesquick chocolate mix, the candles were a thoughtful touch. Love in the Taravao House.
8. The name card that they put next to our plates. 

I LOVE THIS CHURCH. Love love love it. If you've got a problem, read a talk from the LDS General Conference and just read until you find an answer. By the time you find your answer, you will probably feel satisfied in a very deep and personal way. Keep reading and praying. Things will always get better. 

This girl is a superstar, I love Kristy. http://www.mormon.org/kristy Forgiveness is a powerful medicine that heals. I have seen families here in Tahiti who have held grudges against their family for years and years and the moment they decide to forgive, peace just floods into their life and that pain stops being a part of their identity.

Elaine is a drummer and she changed her life becaue she looked for God. How many of us have a really good relationship with God? It is important to look for him and the only way you can know is through your personal, real experiences. http://www.mormon.org/elaine

Scripture thought: Ether 12:27. Weak things become strong. I am a whole-hearted witness to that. We are weak because we are imperfect, God is perfect so he can make us strong. 

I love you all and I pray for the world so that youre all included. Watch a documentary and identify what you love about each person.
xoxo Soeur Carter