Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Zika disease and Thanksgiving


Como estas? This week went by very quickly, did anyone else feel like that? So in terms of news, I have "zeka" (rhymes with 'eurkea') which is a tropical disease that i got from a mosquito! Normally it takes people out of business but I've just been sleeping a lot and so far, not bad (definitely a miracle). We had Charles, Willy's baptism on Saturday and we were all so smiley, it was so great. That kid smiles all the times, he should do Colgate commericals.

1. Zone Activity: Soeur Weller and Moorea :)

2. "Brave" poster, in French.

3. The whole clan of missionaries for the Zone Activity!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with The House, so much fun. We had breaded chicken, pasta with white cheese sauce, oreo pudding pie, and strawberry-lime juice! I hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey day, its one of the better holidays, for sure.

4. Thanksgiving!

5. Such a useful postcard, I look at it when people talk to know where the heck everything is.

6. DELICIOUS omelette I made for myself, I've gotten really nifty with cooking breakfasts on my mission.

7. Interesting plant, no idea what it is. Let me know if you find out.

8. The baptism of Charles Willy!! (a few hours before I got taken down with zeka)

9. "Bird of paradise" flower from our hike this morning!

I got to go buy food coloring for the Mahaiatea soeurs, so I'll end it there. :) I love you all, I'm loving my mission.
love and grand bisou, Soeur Carter