Monday, November 25, 2013

Pumpkins and Baptisms

I hope everyone is staying warm (or cool, depending on your geographical location in the world) and drinking lots of water. Im sweating right now and Im sitting in the shade typing on a computer- thats how hot its getting over here.

My companion is hillarious and we love all Tahitian people so we're doing really well. We had 2 baptisms in our ward, one this Saturday, and one the Saturday after!
We run practically every morning so we're making friends with all the People of the Road. All 4 of us ran together today for a bit and it felt like a small army, it was pretty funny.

1. Study time next to the ocean!

2. This Thing crawled up next to me whilst I was studying in the New Testament. 
3. Well we got a child-sized pumpkin last night after our dinner. :)
4. Happy 6th birthday Hitinui. :)

5. Ahhh so cute, my comp Sr T!
6. Baptisms from last Saturday. Mami Wong and Brigitte. :)

So much Tahitian love for you all! Be nice to your parents, they love you.
love, Soeur Carter