Friday, September 27, 2013

Rice and Chicken

Ia Orana tatou!

I love love LOVE letters through email and the courrier service, thanks & love to all the senders.

Ok short and sweet this week on account of unforeseen events but suffice it to say that all will be well and I’m looking forward to General Conference.
1. Some awesome members surprised us with flower headbands as a gift at the end of our dinner, the comp said this was the new style.

2. All of the missionaries in our Zone organized a missionary program at the Stake Center with several songs sung by the missionary choir directed by Yours Truly. I also directed the songs for 1000 people who were present at the program (members and investigators). We were all a little loopy when we got back to the house afterwards.
3. Taught a family home evening with a puppy in my lap.

4. Typical flower display at the chapel, loveee the flowers here.
5. After it poured rain this morning, we had some fantastic waterfalls happening.

6. The House. Jumped in the picture after the timer and didnt realize how far away I was from Soeur W! Let it be known that I love that Soeur and the distance was unintentional.

Ok we have a lesson in 26 minutes so I got to eat dinner now (rice and chicken). So much love for you all, miss you like you wouldn’t believe but super-focused on the mish right now.
love, Soeur Carter