Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Ia Orana! Eaha to outou huru??
Ok mission time is like university time: SO MUCH CAN HAPPEN in the time span of a week. This past week we had 2 baptisms scheduled, one realized and the other delayed due to drama in the family. The baptism realized makes number 9 since I got to this area, so grateful. It was the baptism of Caroline T and the baptism was so beautiful. We have a ward missionary who is a professional singer and she organized all the music. Puissant.
I spoke Tahitian a lot this past week. Yesterday for fast and testimony meeting I was waiting to speak and right before I got up one of the members who has worked with us a lot in lessons said "Fais en tahitien!" so I bore my testimony on Tahitian for the first time ever at the pulpit. I smiled the whole time because there were several older people who had a kind of shocked look on their face. Very neat experience.
Well it behooveth me to impart the misfortune that has befallen my singing voice. We were on bikes a lot this past week and we bike along the main road so we breathe in all of the pollution from the cars and I officially cannot reach certain notes. Alas, there goes my dream of becoming a professional singer (and we all know how much potential I had in that department). Also it is sometimes a problem to effectively teach the Word of Wisdom when it sounds like Ive been a lifetime smoker. Ah well.