Friday, September 20, 2013

Missionary Reunion

In terms of milestones: it's easier to talk in French than English, first week of October: 3rd transfer & 2nd General Conference on the mish, first friend to get married while Im gone (tomorrow, Natalie-girl, love you gorgeous, congratulations you two fine people), finished Luc in the New Testament (French of course) this morning, half-way mark on/around my birthday November 3.
I hope everyone has a fantastic week and dont sweat the small stuff, I'm sweating enough for all of us (Tahiti is hot). 

The photos:
A random church that I love.

Baptism of Elizabeth, I promise you that she was actually happy to be baptized, shes just not a huge fan of attention. I gave my talk in Tahitian in the presence of President Sinjioux, cool experience.
Awesome reunion 2 days ago with President & Sister Sinjioux at the Mission Home- girls only, all the Sister Missionaries in the mission except for the sisters on the outer islands!
Well I forgot to suck it in so now everyone knows that I got chubs. :) Soeur J, Soeur L, moi, et Soeur F. 

Papeete, Tahiti temple!!
House mates: Soeur T (hilarious), Soeur Weller (running buddy), moi, Soeur Hopuu (comp) devant la temple!

love, here, amour, 

Soeur/Tuahine Carter