Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Allo, bonjour! (How I answer the phone every single time)
I know everyone is buckling down to get ready to go back to school; faaitoito. Everybody who finds themself in this situation: work hard and find a way to make your study material interesting- thats the best way to retain information.  Tahiti is starting to get hot again because the seasons are reversed so we're starting the equivalent of spring over here. Riding bikes has been a joy though because the road is right along the ocean so we're always getting a sea breeze. 

My companion and I are at the half-way point in our transfer- 6 weeks down and 6 weeks left, doing well. She will definitely be training next transfer & I know she will be a great trainer!  There are two girls who are filling out their mission papers right now and theyve spent a lot of time going on splits with us, it has been so fun. Splits with the missionaries is one of the best ways to understand how to teach, DO IT if youre preparing for a mission. They share experiences, their testimonies, and their thoughts during the lessons and it is so great for the investigators to have that variety of confirmation. 

Tahitian is making more sense and for that I am so grateful. Its always a hoot for older Tahitians when I speak in Tahitian because I. am. so. white. The other day we taught a family home evening (soirée familiale) in Tahitian and at the end this awesome woman named M expressed thanks for the message and said I was the first white person she had ever heard speak in Tahitian. Sometimes I represent all white people.

DMP Tchong-tai et famille:
The people highlight is my DMP (Dirigeant de les Missionaires de Paroisse) aka the Ward Mission Leader, and his family. They participate all the time and it is absolutely wonderful, they are seriously my Tahitian family. The couple have the cutest love story: they worked together, they both got fired because their boss didnt like that they were together so he gave them a choice and they chose each each other. He was a non-practicing member, she was an investigator. One day she fell into a coma and the doctor said she wouldnt live longer than a week so he went home and earnestly prayed with all of his heart for the first time in his life and he asked God to take his life in place of his wife's. She awoke from the coma and they both became active members of the church. They have a 1-month old and a 1-year-old and even though they have young kids, they always want to be at the lessons! She asked me last week to be the godmother of the youngest, Caleb, and I sobbed I was so touched. Sometimes he starts crying when I give him a kiss on the forehead so yeah, its a relationship in progress, but its all good. 

There is absolutely NOTHING like a mission, I dont even know how to explain things most of the time. Its going to take a lifetime to fully appreciate the experiences Im having here. If youre thinking about serving a mission, GO, if you have a window of opportunity to serve a mission, GO. Of course its a personal decision but thats how I feel about it. Its also incredibly difficult sometimes but thats the only way you can appreciate the power of prayer.