Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bonjour et mahana maitai!

Quick update: I am really enjoying my mission experience right now. I honestly have changed a lot to become a better missionary, mainly I am way more humble and patient. I am still in the process of learning more about this Gospel but I know for sure that I need this Gospel in my life for toujours et à jamais. Je parle en français tous les temps and speaking English out loud is kind of odd sometimes. 
Ok quick investigator highlight: Pierre
Ok he is the cousin of a member who is always going on splits with us and she recommended that we stop by one day. He drinks and does drugs so he talks really fast and raises his eyebrows quickly up and down as a sign of agreement and when we first met him he ended up talking about how he needs to get married & he asked me when I finished my mission. After that he asked me for my real first name and I told him I would tell him after he got baptized. Anywho, he started out the lessons just joking around a lot but as of yesterday's lesson he has started reading the Book of Mormon we gave him, he prays multiple times a day, and he still jokes around but he really wants to change his life now. Miracle!
There is an unorganized, but very real, club here that I think has finally accepted me. The club is called Tahitian speakers. Based on what Ive observed, membership can only be given by an existing member of the club, that is to say, the approval of a Tahitian "Mami" or "Papi". This approval is expressed by "mmm"s of approval when you say something correctly and emphatically in Tahitian. I had such an experience the other day when I explained a principle in Tahitian and when the older members of the room started nodding and murmuring their acceptance of my message, I knew I had made it. A great feeling of peace and love came over me at that moment. 
Ok alors, keep calm & carry on. :) If you havent heard from me in a while, you will hear from me soon & thank you for your patience. 
love, Soeur Carter