Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Visiting San day visit to get our visas

Dearest Darling People:

Salut!!  There are a total of three sisters in my companionship and four elders in  my district.  There is another Tahitian group; they're awesome and there are two sisters and four elders in that group.  We're always visiting each other; they're great.

Tuesday is P(Preparation)-Day.  On this day I generally write letters, e-mails.  We only get 30 minutes of computer time so my e-mails are limited.  Keep all the letters coming family and friends and I will handwrite back a letter, old fashioned style. :-)

We went to San Franciso recently to take care of our visa applications for Tahiti.  San Francisco was an awesome one-day affair.  We went to the French Consulate first thing.  Every once in a while when we were in the waiting room, a highly sophisticated French person would glide past without making eye contact, so cool.  My interviewer was very French.  My interview lasted a little longer than some others because according to some other people in my district I was being "chatted up" so hopefully that means no visa problems for me.  We ate lunch at In-N-Out (delish) and then went to Ghiradelli Square for chocolate!  We walked around a bit and visited Alcatraz!  I placed a pass along card all by myself to this 20-something Asian American guy and it was very relaxed and friendly.  We took lots of pictures. 

Note to Blog:  I may have overpacked because I've been here for 3 weeks and haven't repeated any outfits.

We have two teachers - Frere "C" and Soeur "B".  They are very different but both are so awesome; we are so lucky to have them.  Both of them roleplay as investigators (separately).  I don't know if I told you this before but we taught one of them (Nella) for a week (and constantly theorized within our district about whether she was a real investigator or not) and then one day she came into our class and introduced herself as our 2nd teacher!!  I was personally shell-shocked and my mind was so blown I could only sit there and smile.  When she asked if I was okay I admitted to the class that I felt "like I just got punked".

I absolutely love the part of the day when I get the mail so keep em' coming.  Please continue keeping me upudated on the goings on and I shall do the same.  :-)


Love Soeur Carter

P.S.  Reminder

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