Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Une Autre Lettre (Another Letter)


MTC update: every week we get way more missionaries than those who departed for the mission field, lines are getting CRAZY but I'm a people-watcher so I've thoroughly enjoyed analyzing the chaos. There are so many missionaries everywhere, all the time.
We are officially done with learning French, but will continue to utilize French in class when we're learning Tahitian.  Both of our teachers are officially wonderful and they really love us. Yesterday our (previously super-serious) teacher quoted Nacho Libre "Leave Sister and I alone so we can talk of holy things." and thought of how our family quoted Nacho Libre tous les temps a la maison! I'm starting to lose a little bit of English, I think. We were all talking about this the other day, we're forgetting song lyrics and movie names and we think it's because we're filling our brains with French and Tahitian. I guess it's a pretty good trade-off.
I can officially speak in French all day: tell stories, teach lessons, analyze food, make observations, tell jokes. I am not fluent, but I expect to be fluent after 2 months in the field. This is not a brag, this is just an evidence of how much time we spend here PVL (Parlez-Vous Langue). Sometimes I think in French and then have to translate it back to English so I can talk to normal people. It's pretty awesome, I'm pretty hyped about how well everything is going! Tahitian has really rocked our worlds, as you will find detailed in the other letter.
We learned how to say a prayer for our first lesson (priority number 1 as a missionary) and Souer F said a Tahitian prayer when we were outside the temple today. I can read the Book of Mormon in French and understand about 85%.
Tonight we have a devotional and we never know the speaker until 15 minutes before, we're always hoping for a member of the Twelve Apostles or the Presidency, especially since we're making history over here with our numbers & whatnot.

Got to go!!
Lots of love!!!
Soeur Carter <3