Monday, March 18, 2013

Tahitian Language

We started Tahitian yesterday (March 11th) and our class was really fun and a little crazy because the language is so different from Engish and French.  When our teacher (Frere "F") started off the lesson by talking in all Tahitian, I was kind of excited/confused/motivated/stressed all at the same time and one Elder was kind of worried because I was laughing but slightly hyper-ventitlating, which I've never actually done before.  I have been sick though so there is a good chance that I just temporarily forgot to breathe through my mouth.

I have such a good district/zone, we're so lucky.  There are 13 total people going to Tahitii at the same time and every person has something really interesting about them.  One Elder "L" (other class) - his dad bakes amazing things and the Elder always shares these things with us.  Last night it was this cheese/sausage roll that I would pay good money for in the real world!  Did that I mention that we have a book club for "Jesus the Christ" by James E. Talmage?  We just finished discussing chapter 4.

Today is one of my companion's, Sister "F's", birthday.  After our temple session, we ate brunch and lunch in the cafe in the basement "to talk of holy things".  Not especially holy, but it was fun and I had the best apple ever.

Bishop "B" sent me a postcard from Cancun, Mexico and wrote "I wanted to send you a post card from Cancun, Mexico just to show I beat you to paradise first!"  Tell him I say hi and thanks for the reminder :-).

So much love,

Soeur Carter