Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Right now I am performing SA (Special Assignment for the Sœurs) duties and I've been working with the Sœurs in Pare since thursday so Ive been teaching and helping fix the minor problems in their sector. I really love it, it is so fun to spend time getting to know the other Sœurs in the mission. My companion is Sœur "L" but she's been working with the Sœurs at the temple.

Normally I'll work at the temple (outside for garden tours or leading them to exhibits that explain geneology, etc.) later this week once the sector is good. I really like living out of a suitcase and going where I'm needed, the flexibility of my time is appealing. This is another confirmation actually that I have been prepared my entire life for this mission. Sometimes people ask me if it's hard to have so many changes but it really is no big deal because I've moved several times in my life and I always learned to love wherever I was.