Monday, July 22, 2013

Aloha!! (Not the mish language obviously but I thought I would shake things up.) 
It is not the normal day to write letters, but I have permission to use this time now to say....

My companion/trainee/"daughter" (its a mission thing here to refer to companions as family, Soeur Chapman was my mom) is Soeur Hopuu, she is Tahitian, so confident and cooler than me. We have had so many great moments since yesterday when we both rode bikes for the first time with backpacks. (How the heck does anyone do that???) Especially concerned on the modesty aspect because there is always a slight breeze here and we bike against the wind (symbolic??). She and I are pumped to learn Tahitian together, and we're going to translate between Tahitian and English because she wants to learn English also!
Anywho, Soeur Hopuu and I taught an English class yesterday (I teach a class every Saturday from 11-12, its always a good time), we have planned for her birthday which is this Saturday (cake will be involved), she loves to run so we ran the longest route ever this morning and it was fabulous, and today were going to teach until dinner (no fatamaraa so we are going to cook fish and ravioli YUM).

This training is going to be just wonderful. So far I have not felt like time has 'flown by' but I am grateful for every single thing I have learned up until now. There are so many things that are different here than America so that was tricky but Im motivated to keep adapting. I am so grateful for this opportunity to train because so far it has been a way to solidify the things that I know and also to learn more with a different person. Its been great so far and I think that as long as we keep it real & acknowledge that we are not perfect, its going to be just fine. Essentially, I have a huge responsibility (to train) but Im grateful for this huge opportunity to solidify the training I just received and also to continue my language progression at a rapid rate but now with Tahitian! Also, I LOVE every single letter and email I receive, they are always and forever appreciated. I desperately wish I could reply to them sooner but rest assured that I have read almost all of them and I will reply to them asap!!!!!!!

So, I am always and forever grateful for the emails and letters and I really am trying my darnedest to reply to every single person in a quality manner. There are several letters that I have read & loved but have not had the chance to reply yet. Thank you and sorry if you fall under this status!! Bientot A few observations since the last time: 

I realize that I havent written very many spiritual experiences in my letters but I dont want that to be interpreted as an indication that there is a scarcity. I have had so many experiences with the people here where I have prayed or fasted for a miracle in the life of a person that I love here and "unexplained" things have happened, including one experience when an abusive boyfriend got sentenced to prison.