Monday, July 8, 2013

Ia Oraaaaaana! 

Oh lo lo (expression here to express bemusement or connotes that there is a lot going on, like 'oh la la' but funnier to hear) it has been a long time since I really WROTE. The computer crashed in the middle of a replying to another letter last week and dashed my plans of sending pictures and whatnot.

Minor language update: functionally fluent in French, its kind of a funny joke with me, myself, and I when people first meet me and talk to me like im an immigrant and I reply with a nice smile and speak quickly and correctly in french. not all the time, just sometimes its fun to watch their whole demeanor change afterwards. tahitian is coming slowly but im going to keep working at it. I learn best by doing, and we dont have a ton of opportunities to speak so thats tricky. hopefully ill have the opportunity to serve on an outer island at some point and i can work on my tahitian more! 
(humble and all, ill go where im needed, but i would be lying if i said i wouldnt cry tears of joy if I got transferred to Raiatea at some point)

Spirituality update: pretty solid in the gospel. Every time I teach a person with a lot of questions, my testimony grows. I really respect people who have a lot of thoughtful questions. My first baptism (where I have taught since the first contact) is set for August 3rd!!!!! She is solid, her husband is already a member and the first lesson she told us that shes already read the Book of Mormon, shes halfway through the Doctrine & Covenants, and when can she be baptized. It was a joyful moment. 

I wish to present now, ladies and gentlemen, Mami Therese. (Yes, that translates to Mother Theresa in English.) This older lady is one of the most hillarious people Ive met here. After helping her build a small fence, she decided it was time to teach me how to dance.