Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The first 5 and a half weeks at the MTC

The MTC is intense!  Not unexpectedly so, but I don’t feel just yet that I have hit my stride or rhythm, so any and all prayers would be greatly appreciated!  I really am glad though, I’ve gotten to do so many cool things already.  I’ve taught 6 lessons in French (avec mes compagnes) and I can’t believe how much French I know, it’s amazing.  I can definitely attribute it to a partial gift of tongues (which I pray for all the time) because I can’t imagine learning it so quickly in school. 
So I’ve been here for a few weeks now and I am really grateful for your love and support.  Cool things I have done so far:  playing volleyball during gym time with Polynesians, Polynesians always coming by our class to feed the Sisters candy/food, and getting an impressed reaction from people when I mention that I’m going to Tahiti, speaking French and Tahitian.  I. Am. So. Lucky.  We learn French for the first 5 and a half weeks (now) and Tahitian for the last 5 and a half weeks.  Also, we just found out that we’ll be taught French (so we don’t lose the language). 
Have I mentioned that the 16 hour days are intense?  They have to be though – a lot is expected from missionaries.  I’m in the largest MTC (Missionary Training Center) group in history and the standards are the highest they have ever been.  It’s hard to be so spiritually ON all the time and I definitely have some things that I need to learn before I preach the gospel.
I can already tell that this mission is reshaping the way I view my membership in the Church and I’m SO grateful to have this unique experience.