Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1st Post from the Missionary Training Center

Today is my 6th day in the MTC!! Okay the phrase that gets tossed around here in the MTC is, "The days are long but the weeks are short." So true. I've been here for almost a week and it seems like a week but it still caught me by surprise. I get to go to San Francisco tomorrow to get my VISA and they gave us pass-along cards so we can proselyte at the airport. :) I plan on committing someone to baptism tomorrow.... kidding. My tri-companionship taught our investigator (and she's actually a real investigator from Tahiti!!!) for the third time today in French and I am so impressed with myself as well as the other members of my class (district) because our French is so flipping good. I honestly feel fluent sometimes, it's insane. My tri-companionship is super dynamic, LOVE these sisters. One is Souer J and the other is Souer F and we honestly are having such an awesome experience. We are all really different but we are pretty hillarious when we're together. Souer J has hillarious one-liners and Souer F has the funniest facial expressions!! We have a room just to ourselves and we have pretty much taken over the fourth space (the extra bed is covered with our stuff/fourth closet is filled/desk space:covered) but we're actually pretty neat. There's really not a lot of time to make a mess.
We wake up at 630 every morning and go to bed between 1030 and 1045. It sounds super crazy but it honestly is filled with really meaningful things. We have a teacher who is so intriguing, he has dark hair, big brown eyes and he doesn't get any of our class's jokes. He laughs at random things that we say that aren't necessarily jokes. He is super endearing. The gym time is a LIFE-SAVER. I recently got into this rowing machine that made me giggle the whole time I was "rowing" because I looked stupid but I felt the burn. I also lead ab workouts with my companionship and Souer F just spent a semester doing an internship in India so she teaches us yoga. We work out with a bunch of other Frenchies (people here learning French) and so we know some people from church. Sunday was the absolute best day, no classes and really good talks/devotionals. The choir director is super funny and the choir was honestly massive so when we sang it was like 500 elders and like 600 sisters singing with all our "vigor and vhim" and so I can sing as loudly as I want because no one can hear my specific voice anyway. :) The choir as a whole sounds like super professional.
I have to be mindful of not drinking so much water all the time because you never go anywhere without bringing your companions and we're always trooping off to the bathroom. We have a polynesian group on the hallway (all Elders) and they're always giving us food and greeting us with "Ia Orana!" and we've honestly said it like a hundred times now to each other. Souer J said that they probably rue the day that they ever started that greeting business. Holy cow, a poly just stuck his head in the room and said it right as I typed that!! I desire to be polynesian. Ok tell everyone to do the Dear Elder thing because it makes me look super popular and so far I have a super good reputation with the mail delivery. :) I'm like Glen Coco of the MTC. Ok I don't have very much time (there is a countdown in the upper right hand corner and I only have 30 minutes total) so definitely do the Dear Elder for while I'm in the MTC and it will be fun to keep hand-writing notes as well. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church on the earth today and I am so intensely proud to be in a place where I can learn how to serve other people by teaching them about the Savior. For all non-members reading this, let me direct you to http://www.mormon.org/ or http://www.lds.org/ so you can learn more than I can share through email at this time.
Je peux parler francais beaucoup maintenant et je suis hate etudier francais pour dix plus semaine! Je suis une missionare pour L'Eglise de Jesus Christ des Saintes des Dernier Jours et je sais que L'Evangile de Jesus Christ est le moyen a bonheur pour vous et vos famille.
I hope everyone is enjoying their February and, everyone reading this: will you be my Valentine? :)
love, Souer Carter