Monday, August 4, 2014 more blog.

1. Really special: this family, day of his confirmation.

2. Sometimes those Americans just don't know what to do with these Tahitian baskets.
3. Gotta do what you gotta do to get those papayas.
4. Wouldja look at that! Just look at it. That's a dog/dustball.
5. Classic Tahitian flower trick. Favorite flower right there.
6. The 170th Anniversary of the Gospel in French Polynesia cultural event!
7. Tahitian Dress Night amongst the Taravaoan sisters. :)
8. Mami Olga's baptism. :) That's her hubby, we love him so much also.

9. Nature shot for all you tree-huggers out there. (Peace Love and Recycling)
10. Yup, we teach somebody who owns a small herd of goats! And a puppy.
11. Small island, I could probably swim to it if I was allowed to swim. (Family vacay next year?)
12. Mami who I love very very very much.
13. Soeur Georgette gave us necklaces!
14. The entire Sisterhood of Taravao 1 sang a Tahitian goodbye song to Soeur Wahl and I, I may or may not have unleashed some tears. Alot of tears.
15. That wonderful Teiho family again. For a week before we left, Mami apparently said EH EH to her family every few minutes, which is a sign of sadness, that we were leaving. SO MUCH AROHA.
16. Soeur Miri, member integrator for our celebrity investigator Mariua Felix (now Krawsik)!
17. Soeur Abish, we did missionary splits with her!
I gave the bike to the Mission Department for a Sister Missionary who is coming in and needs a bike!! Thank you!
SO MUCH LOVE and peace. This Church is true. I love Tahiti. I'm excited to go home, à bientot!
xoxoxo Soeur Carter