Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bearing testimony in Tahitian

Hello world,
2 weeks to go and I feel fine! The real question is, how are you all doing? I love and miss all of you so much, your letters are so thoughtful and beautiful that I cannot keep up with the replies. Fortunately I was trained by Mavis Beacon so I can accomplish a lot through emails.
I know that amongst you blog visitors we have those who jump straight to pictures, so here you are. :) 
1. A view from Narnia. (so named because it's like an entire city in the mountains that we never knew existed until recently)

2. Mami Olga got baptized!!! She is such a boss, love her so much. All lessons in Tahitian.

3. It was a little chilly and Sr Kavera was so adorable in her shawl! Cutest kids ever at that dinner. Beautiful view of the ocean and a tiny private island. 

4. This guy just came back to Church, so much respect for him. This pic is from our Temple Program last Saturday, huge program and some last-minute changes but all is well in Zion and we have 2 new investigators!!

5. Our cute companionship in our matching skirts, thanks Sr Kavera.

6. Cool story: I approached her during a Stake Activity and we spoke together in Tahitian and bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon. She asked me to teach her but she wasnt in my sector so we did a transition lesson with the Elders, and this picture is the day of her baptism. :) 

7. Our house got invited to the same dinner appointment and they had a swinging bench!! Life is cool in Tahiti. 

I couldnt write last week because I was at a Polynesian Art Festival, buying cool Tahitian stuff for the whole family, sorry!!! It was AMAZING and I haggled for the first time in my life (harrowing but rewarding experience) and had the opportunity to bear my testimony to a small family. 
So much love, more next week!
Soeur Carter