Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rainy Season


We're now fully into the rainy season and we're loving it! 

This will be a super short-worded email because I'm officially addicted to watching "I'm A Mormon" videos on www.mormon.org. One thing I am looking forward to after my mission is having time to watch more stuff like that. 

1. The adorable Sr A got her VISA so she had to go. :( While she was out, Sr D and I decorated the wall with things we love about her.

2. This cute little kitten that I literally swiped from the jaws of black dogs. His favorite spot is between my feet. After cleaning and feeding him, we gave him to an investigator!

3. A few hours ago, my comp and I biked over to try a Patisserie. Success.

4. Some fantastic missionaries right there, so much love. Soeur Green is the tallest blonde and she's finishing her mission tomorrow! :(

News: I will be training again!! I get my newbie tomorrow and the rumor is that her name is Soeur Sommer... That is unconfirmed but it comes from a few reliable sources. :) 

Keep calm and carry on.
love, Soeur Carter