Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ia Orana!!

I have now been in Tahiti for a whole month and time has gone quickly! i calculated that i started with about 78 weeks for my whole mission and i only have about 63 left!

First of all, still dont have the hang of this keyboard but im getting adventurous with trying to capitalize letters here and there.

1. I have eaten raw oyster, raw sea urchin, breadfruit, and a bunch of new fruits. There is a brand of fruit juice, Sun Wave, that is super cheap and refreshing and I chug it by the liter.

2. We have our 5th baptism tomorrow! I am sending pictures from the two baptisms on Saturday, one for each ward: Mahaiatea and Papara.

3. My MTC teacher Frere Coulson is here because he baptized one of the investigators on Saturday that he taught on his mission! it is so crazy having him here involved in my real mission work. it is blowing my mind, and i tell him this every time i have seen him.

4. I love every email I receive and I wish I had time to reply to every single person immediately but if you havent received a reply, just know that i have read it, loved it, and will reply as soon as possible! 

5. In the mornings, I run on the main road of Tahiti which is my favorite way to really see the island (different than seeing it from our car). Its also fun because throughout the day people are really excited to see us and tell us that they saw me running!

6. I am learning so much about how to communciate with different people. The language is definitely a factor but theres a lot more to communication than words and im an expert at reading body language and interpreting different tones of voice.

7. Im sure you already know; but the Prophets wife passed away so please remember the Monson family in your prayers.

Tuahine Carter