Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Errand of Angels!

The most intriguing movie about sister missionary work I have heard about is a 2008 movie called "The Errand of Angels" which follows a sister missionary ("Sister Taylor") on her mission in Austria.

It was a little cheesy.

However, the missionaries had a lot of experiences that broadened my view of investigator types. (Investigators are people who are taught by the missionaries because they want to know more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.) There are many different stages of investigating the church and different people will succeed and struggle with different aspects of the church, every single person will be different.

I really recommend seeing it if you are an LDS girl on any spectrum of mission interest (have your call, thought about it, reporting to the MTC soon, etc.).

1) It is possible to wear cute clothes on a mission without distracting yourself from missionary work.
2) Be teachable.
3) If you're having a rough moment, take a few moments to sit down on some steps in the pouring rain.
4) Don't push baptism, it is a personal decision that should always be encouraged but not shoved down their throat.
5) Don't gossip about your companion with other companions. Only ask if you genuinely want to improve yourself for the benefit of the companionship.
6) Don't assume the attractive man is single. (In the movie he had a wife...)
7) You must try to speak in the language of your mission as much as possible.
8) Take time to understand how your companion thinks.
9) Love your companion.
10) Time will fly by, be careful not to waste any time.

I shall remember this!

Sister Carter