Friday, January 4, 2013

Ia Orana and Bonjour!

Bienvenue to my missionary blog!

Who: C'est moi, Courtney Carter! Old school age 21 and actually already had my mission call when they made the big age change announcement. I think the announcement is awesome & inspired.

What/Where: On 10/11/12 I opened my missionary package at a family reunion at Ft. Tuthill, AZ and read out my mission call to the Tahiti Papeete mission speaking Tahitian!!!

When: I report to the Missionary Training Center on February 6th and I go to Tahiti on April 22nd! (That's right folks, 10 weeks in the MTC.)

Why: Now the blog name explanation: (being previously ignorant of Tahitian pronunciations) I announced (cry-blubbered) my mission call as a rhyming mission "Tahiti Papiti" when in reality I believe it is pronounced Pop-eye-etay.

How I'm Doing: Pretty darn well. My excitement eclipsed pretty much everything after my mission call. I'm "home" in this beautiful part of upstate New York (about 20 minutes away from the Sacred Grove!) where my family moved during my past semester at BYU. I loved Virginia but I'm preparing for a mission so it is actually better for me to be somewhere where I mainly hang out with my family. I've been doing the classic side-by-side reading of Tahitian, English, and French scriptures and Tahitian looks absolutely zilch-o like English. That's about all I want to say for now. :)

A bientot!
Soeur Carter