Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sister Carter is in Tahiti!


I am in Tahiti and having a power struggle with the French keyboard so this letter will have to be somewhat brief.

I hope everyone is doing well!!!

This time last week I was on an airplqne to Tqhiti and I have experienced so much since then. I think rather than give you an overview, I will give short descriptions.

1. I have become a master at using this electricqlly charged tennis raquet thing to kill the swarms of mosquitos that are everywhere.

2. The ocean is approximately, in my limited scope of color knowledge, 58 shades of blue. 

3. We have a Doberman guard dog named Zeus who is my Tahitian version of Macey and he will basically attack anyone who isnt a sister missionary. When I do my ab workouts he tries to climb into my lap, he is always following me around when Im outside.

4. I have tqught about 15 lessons so far in my tri companionship (again!) with Sr C and Sr P. 

5. I ate raw fish my first night here and its actually not super weird but i will always prefer cooked, probably.

6. I had food poisoning Saturday night but super fast recovery, good to go for the 6 hours of church the next day. every american gets sick but most people get way more sick than I was.

7. During a lesson once, i watched an army of ants carry a Cocoa Puff across the floor. 

8. I have fasted from food for 2 of the 6 days that I have been here.

9. We have a stick shift car that i am learning how to drive. Pretty much no one in our companionship knows how to drive but Sis C is the senior companion so she took over. it is always an adventure when we drive on the dirt roads, bouncing around jalopy-style. we pretty much have a hysterical laughfest of relief every time we reach our destination.

10. Every time you greet someone you say about 11 different versions of greetings (talking over eachother), kiss women on the cheeks, shake hands with men, and at the end of each encounter- another flurry of saying variations of goodbye.

One of my companions is getting trqnsferred today, she was just here long enough to get us familiar with this area, so i hqve to finish so she can pack. We will miss her!!

I hope everyone knows how much i love you like crazy!! Do not worry about me, a lot of things are different but the language is coming and im already friends with a bazillion people. :) This church is true and I love being here in Tahiti. I will try to send more pictures soon!!


love, here, amour,
Soeur/Tuahine Carter